What Is a Career in Asset Management Operations Like? In Conversation with an Industry Expert

When you hear ‘career in asset management,’ what comes to mind? Portfolio managers, traders or maybe sales roles? Well, we’re about to unveil a hidden world within finance. Did you know there are hundreds of roles within asset management? And guess what? One of them could be the perfect fit for your career aspirations.  

Welcome to episode 48 of The Career Discovery Podcast, the show that’s all about helping you broaden your career horizons, discover your professional potential and empower your career journey. 

This week we are excited to introduce you to Jim, a seasoned Sales Director in the UK’s recruitment industry. Jim’s expertise shines in Asset Management Operations, and he’s here to unravel the secrets, insights and opportunities hidden within this dynamic sector.  

Jim shares insights on:

Industry Overview:  

  • An overview of the asset management industry
  • An overview of the asset management operations function
  • The size of the industry 
  • The concentration of the industry in the UK and around the world 
  • Key roles within a typical asset management operations function 
  • The culture of the asset management industry
  • The culture of a typical asset management operations function 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion within the industry 

Career Considerations: 

  • For whom a career in asset management operations tends to appeal to 
  • What people tend to find challenging about a career in asset management operations 

Opportunities and Preparation: 

  • The many paths into asset management and asset management operations 
  • Valuable education, training, certifications and skills for aspiring asset management operations professionals 
  • Mentorship opportunities within the industry
  • Hiring cycles and timings

Future Trends:  

  • Insights into the future of asset management operations 
  • ESG investing and impact investing 


We also explore: 

Job Search Strategies: 

  • Competition for Jobs: Navigating the job market smartly. 
  • Creative Job Hunting: Unique approaches and honest advice. 
  • The Power of Testimonials: How they boost your job search. 
  • Making Decisions: Why delaying can be costly. 

Job Application Insights: 

  • Job Interviews Demystified: The hiring process and tips. 
  • Honesty and Integrity in Job Hunting: Why they matter. 
  • Trusting Your Instincts: When to follow your gut feelings. 

Career Development: 

  • Your Starting Job: It doesn’t define your whole career. 
  • Finding a Mentor: A guide to building valuable connections. 
  • Networking Effectively: Building relationships that count. 
  • Communication Skills: Being honest and building long-lasting connections. 

Learning and Progress: 

  • Adding Value Takes Time: The learning curves of making a difference at work. 
  • Persistence and Learning: Staying committed to improving over time. 

Workplace and Culture: 

  • Big Companies vs. Small: Picking your career path. 
  • Culture Fit: Why it’s important to find the right workplace for you. 
  • Optimism and Trust: Keeping a positive outlook on your career. 
  • Workplace Happiness Secrets: Thriving with inspiring colleagues. 
  • Balancing Work and Life: Why having hobbies matters for a balanced life. 

So, whether you’re considering a career in asset management operations or simply seeking inspiration for your professional journey, stay tuned, as Jim opens the doors to a world of opportunities you might not have known existed. 

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