What Is a Career as a CEO Like? In Conversation with a Co-Founder and CEO

Welcome to the Career Discovery podcast, the show that’s all about broadening your career horizons, discovering your professional potential and empowering your career journey.

On this episode, we’re excited to introduce you to Tim, the CEO and co-founder of a software development company specialising in financial well-being solutions for the employee benefits industry.

Tim shares insights on:

  • Common misconceptions of the co-founder & CEO roles
  • The purpose of the CEO role
  • An overview of the industry
  • An overview of the CEO role
  • Behind the curtain – key teams within a software development company
  • The most enjoyable parts of the role
  • Challenging parts of the role
  • Proudest moments in the role
  • Tim’s transition from aspiring Olympic swimmer to co-founder & CEO
  • Highs of the career journey
  • Challenges of the career journey
  • Importance of role models, mentors and sponsors
  • Helpful education, training and skills for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • The future of the industry
  • Advice and resources for people who are keen to find out more about financial well-being and careers in entrepreneurship:
  • Advice for his younger self and you!

We also explore these key themes:

  • Entrepreneurship Insights:
    • Roles in Entrepreneurship: Differences between founder roles, CEO roles and more.
    • Entrepreneurial Qualities: Key qualities for individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs.
    • Transitioning to Action: Factors that motivate ‘solopreneurs’ to take action and move forward.
  • Career Development and Growth:
    • University Choices: The importance of pursuing a field of study that you enjoy to unlock your potential.
    • Professional Relationships: The significance of maintaining positive professional relationships in your career.
    • Life Lessons: The valuable insights gained from realising what paths you don’t want to pursue.
  • Success and Personal Growth:
    • The Entrepreneurial Journey: Overcoming challenges with faith, determination and exercise.
    • Managing Imposter Syndrome: Strategies to overcome self-doubt and thrive.
    • Hard Work and Luck: The correlation between hard work and success.
  • Networking and Relationships:
    • Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Pursuing what you enjoy and connecting with people to turn your interests into opportunities.
    • Networking Strategies: Tips for effective networking, including asking questions and listening actively.
    • The Value of a Network: The importance of building a trusted network and support system in entrepreneurship.
  • Life Fulfilment and Regrets:
    • Happiness and Fulfilment: Secrets to achieving happiness and fulfilment, including exercise, reflection and a broader perspective.
    • Twenties and Career Trajectory: How decisions and actions in one’s twenties can shape the trajectory of their career.
    • Embracing Life with No Regrets: The philosophy of living life to the fullest and minimising regrets in the end.


  • “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” ~ Gary Player.

So, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or CEO, or if you simply seek inspiration, get ready for a captivating conversation that will help you explore new horizons, discover your potential and empower your career journey! 

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