Mastering Effective Communication: In Conversation with Matt Abrahams, a Communications Expert

On today’s special episode, we have the privilege of meeting Matt Abrahams, a passionate communications expert and Stanford Lecturer. Matt’s diverse career spans teaching, coaching, lecturing, podcast hosting and writing. Prepare to be inspired by the invaluable insights and guidance he’ll share to enhance your communication skills and career! 

Matt kindly shares:

  • How he transitioned from aspiring film director to becoming a communications expert 
  • The highs he experienced on his career journey
  • The challenges he faced along the way
  • The importance of role models and mentors in his professional development
  • Valuable advice and resources for those looking to enhance their communication skills: 
  • Advice he would give to his younger self and to you, our audience!

We also discuss:

  • Elevating your growth through personal and professional development
  • Crafting meaningful connections through networking and relationships
  • Overcoming obstacles and embracing uncertainty
  • Navigating workplace dynamics
  • The pursuit of fulfilment
  • And of course, mastering effective communication skills


  • For those interested in exploring the power of regret, we recommend Daniel Pink’s book ‘The Power of Regret.’ 

Ready to supercharge your communication skills and fast-track your career growth? Eager to tap into Matt’s invaluable insights and expertise? Join us for this empowering episode ~ your journey towards becoming a confident and effective communicator starts here! 

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