What Is a Career in Investment Analysis & Entrepreneurship Like? In Conversation with an Investment Analyst & Entrepreneur

On the show today we meet Sara! Sara is a UK-based investment analyst and the visionary founder of an international wine trading company. Her dynamic career in investment management and entrepreneurship is sure to inspire you! 

Sara kindly shares with us:  

  • Common misconceptions of the investment analyst and entrepreneur roles 
  • Overview of investment management and commerce industries 
  • Purpose of the investment analyst and entrepreneur roles 
  • A day in the life of an investment analyst and entrepreneur 
  • Investment analyst tools: 
  • Excel 
  • FactSet 
  • Bloomberg 
  • Enjoyable aspects of the roles 
  • Challenges faced in the roles 
  • Proudest moments in the roles 
  • Sara’s career journey from aspiring volleyball player to investment analyst and entrepreneur 
  • Highs and challenges of the career journey 
  • Importance of role models and mentors 
  • Education, training and skills for aspiring investment professionals and entrepreneurs 
  • The future of investment management and entrepreneurship 
  • Advice and resources for those interested in a career in investment management and entrepreneurship: 
  • Advice for Sara’s younger self and you! 

We also talk about:  

  • The significance of reviewing progress for continuous improvement 
  • Navigating life transitions: From Italy to London, employee to entrepreneur 
  • The highs and lows of entrepreneurship – a journey for the determined
  • The power of sustainability and AI in business
  • Embracing our multi-faceted natures by exploring multiple careers and interests
  • Why companies should welcome the rising trend of side hustles


Curious about the role of an investment analyst or the journey of an entrepreneur? Wondering how to become one or seeking inspiration? Look no further!

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