What Is a Career in Environmental Economics and Policy Like? In Conversation with a Director of Economics and Policy

Welcome to Episode 51 of The Career Discovery Podcast, the show that’s all about helping you broaden your career horizons, discover your professional potential and empower your career journey. 

This week, we’re excited to introduce Liz, an experienced Director of Economics and Policy in the UK’s Environmental Services Consultancy industry. 

Liz shares insights on:

  • Common misconceptions of the Director of Economics and Policy role 
  • The purpose of the Director of Economics and Policy role 
  • An overview of the Environmental Services sector 
  • An overview of the Director of Economics and Policy role 
  • Behind the curtain – key roles within an economics and policy team 
  • The most enjoyable parts of the role 
  • Challenging parts of the role 
  • Proudest moments in the role 
  • Liz’s transition from aspiring Vet to Director of Economics and Policy 
  • Highs of the career journey 
  • Challenges of the career journey 
  • Importance of role models, mentors and sponsors 
  • Helpful education, training and skills for aspiring economics and social policy professionals 
  • The future of the environmental services sector 
  • Advice and resources for people who are keen to find out more about careers in environmental services, economics and social policy: 
  • Advice for her younger self and you! 

We also explore these key themes:

  • Decision-Making and Self-Trust:
    • Trusting Your Instincts: Taking steps forward even when the path isn’t clear, clarity emerges as you progress.
    • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Starting before feeling fully prepared, focusing on courage over perfection.
    • Belief of Others: Leaning on the support of others in moments of self-doubt.
    • Dealing with Self-Criticism: Seeking feedback from a reliable support network rather than relying solely on self-criticism.
    • Having Alternative Plans: Recognising the importance of having backup plans.
    • Multiple Paths to Success: Understanding there isn’t a singular way to achieve goals.
  • Personal Growth and Learning:
    • Balancing Work and Passions: Maintaining interests and hobbies outside of work.
    • Embracing Lifelong Learning: Prioritising continuous skill development even with an unclear endpoint.
    • Finding Fulfilment: Aligning your work with personal interests and values where feasible.
    • Pursuing Personal Passions: Pursuing passions beyond your professional career.
  • Career Development and Mentorship:
    • Seeking Diverse Perspectives: Seeking insights from a range of individuals for significant decisions.
    • Benefits of Mentorship: Recognising the role of mentors in challenging and planning future career options.
    • Paid Student Placements: Considering the advantages of paid student placement programs.
  • Connecting with Nature:
    • Embracing the Outdoors: Acknowledging the value of spending time in nature, especially in the era of remote work.


“If you show people, they will look at it; if you talk to people, they will hear it; if you teach people, they will understand it.” ~ Confucius 

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