What is a Career in Social Media Marketing like? In Conversation with a Social Media Consultant

On the show today we meet Louise! Louise works as a Social Media Consultant in the media & communications industry in the UK. 

Louise kindly shares with us: 

  • Common misconceptions of the social media consultant role 
  • An overview of the social media marketing industry 
  • The purpose of the social media consultant role  
  • What a social media consultant does on an average day  
  • Most enjoyable parts of the role 
  • Challenging parts of the role 
  • Proudest moments in the role 
  • How Louise became a social media consultant from not knowing what she wanted to do 
  • Highs of the career journey  
  • Challenges of the career journey 
  • Proudest moments of the career journey  
  • Importance of role models and mentors  
  • Helpful education, training and skills for aspiring social media marketing professionals 
  • The future of the social media marketing profession 
  • Advice and resources for people who are keen to find out more about a career in social media marketing: 
  • Advice for her younger self and you!


  • VA – Virtual Assistant 

Other references:

We also talk about: 

  • Networking nerves 
  • Imposter syndrome 
  • The power of transferable skills 
  • ‘Listening’ to what excites you and connecting the dots  
  • The importance of staying curious – listening, learning, up-skilling, asking questions 
  • The value of building solid foundations before specialising  
  • Facing your fears, the ego and receiving feedback as a gift 
  • Taking control of your own destiny 
  • The importance of believing in yourself

So if you’re curious and wondering what a social media consultant does or how to become social media consultant, listen, watch and enjoy! 

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